I have been thinking about reflections.  I am fascinated by the many reflections that
I have tried to capture in my photographs. 
Some, like the river image, capture the surroundings in a way that
really gives one pause.  What is it that
I am looking at?  Is it upside down?  Others that I have taken reflect a darkness
in the water that often has a mysterious quality.  The old mill, for example, reflects the
buildings and surrounding, but what is it about the darkness of the water that
draws us in?  Trying to capture a
reflection can change in a moment as the lighting changes…ah, the time spent
waiting for favorable light!

What is it that we see in the reflection?  It is always interesting to listen to those
looking at photographs to hear them discuss what they are seeing…to understand
what it is about the photograph that catches their eye.  It is often quite different from what I was
trying to capture.  So, what is it that
you see? 

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