There is almost
always a story that goes along with photos that I have taken.  I thought it might be fun to include a blog
that details some of those stories as I post new photos. 

For this first
post I have selected three photos that I have taken over the course of the last
several months at a swamp in Wenham, Massachusetts. I had not set out to do
several photos capturing the seasons, but it has turned out that I did just
that.  The swamp is a special place…a
quiet place away from traffic and other street noises.  Ah, but it is a busy place, with beavers,
turtles, frogs, and many birds.  There is
a boardwalk that one can take to walk through the area, which connects to a
rail trail.  I learned quite a bit by
watching the activity at the swamp.  By
sitting quietly the animals would often continue as if I were not there… the
beavers would glide quietly and disappear under the water as they went into their
lodges (yep, a lodge…I had to look it up). 
The turtles would initially disappear into the deeper water, but would
often peek out from the water, and eventually climb onto a log to get some sun.
There was always something to watch.

The photos:

The spring shot
was taken in April.  The ice is long
gone, the days are getting warmer, and things are starting to sprout. Even on
this old log you can see greens starting to take hold, and there is a red worm
on the log.

Ah, the summer
shot, taken in August captures a very different scene at the same log.  The log is almost unrecognizable as the
growth has completely covered the log, and the algae covers the water.  Turtles that emerged from the water were
covered in green.

The fall photo
was taken on a warm day in early November.  I spotted the old branch and the reflection in
the water.  The algae is gone and the
water was dark, but fairly clear.  I
waited for the breeze to stop so the water would settle and was able to capture
the reflection.  The foliage is more rust
colored this day, and you can feel the change of the season in the air.

Nature provides
a wonderful canvas for us.  As the clouds
and shadows move through the swamp the view changes with every moment.  Patience in watching the scene to capture the
“moment” is an essential ingredient.  I have
learned to be very patient.


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