This is the time of year that I find most intriguing.  The deep freeze of the winter is about to loosen the icy grip, the days are getting longer, and I start to notice the signs that nature is beginning a new season.  I never really appreciated the intensity of the spring colors as the spring season gets into full swing, especially the color green.  As the buds get warm enough to begin to grow and the flowers start to appear, watch for the intensity of the color green that fills the leaves and the surrounding plants.  It is a powerful burst of color that has a magical affect on everything around it.  As some point in the summer the color seems to mellow a bit until the colors of fall become dominant.  But for now, watch the buds in April and the changes that will take place over the following weeks.  I know, I snuck a train into the attached photo, but notice the intensity of the green foliage.  This photo was taken in May in Bartlett, New Hampshire.  Take some time this spring to listen and watch the season.  Listen to the spring birds and the sounds of the crickets and frogs; and watch for the wonderful intensity of the green.    

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